5 Facts about Oxycontin That You Need to Be Aware Of

Oxycontin gained much popularity in recent times, especially among recreational drug users. The drug has turned out to be a popular favourite for drug addicts, as it is sometimes used it as a substitute for other narcotics like heroin. Here are 5 facts about Oxycontin and its addiction you need to be aware of;

  1. When abused, Oxycontin can have devastating effects – chewing or snorting averts its controlled release mechanism. Death is an unusual occurrence when it comes to taking more than the prescribed dosage especially when ingested by chewing or snorting.
  2. More and more younger people are abusing Oxycontin – sadly, younger teenagers are getting access to prescription drugs, and are using them without recommendations from professionals.
  3. Oxycontin is stronger than you think – for addicts to substitute narcotics like heroin for Oxycontin speaks volume of its strength. Oxycontin abuse is becoming worrisome and disturbing in our society today.
  4. Addiction to Oxycontin promotes vices – when addicts run out of supply, and finds it difficult to stay a day without it, people would do anything to lay their hands on more of it. Stealing and assault would be common amongst such individuals.
  5. You may experience withdrawal symptoms – when people decide to suddenly stop indulging in Oxycontin, they tend to get unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. And this increases their appetite for the drug which in most cases leads to a relapse.

Additionally, the manufacturer of OxyContin has been involved in ongoing controversy and many high-profile legal suits have been filed over the past few years. Most times Oxycontin addiction is not a premeditated act. Most people tend to use these drugs for pain reliever. However, the more you took the drug, the more addicted you become. If you are a victim of oxycontin addiction and have opted to seek medical help, you probably have no clue of what the treatment is going to be like. There are 3 basic stages for the recovery process to get off the addiction from Narcotics like Oxycontin;


  1. Detox and withdrawal – this is probably the most difficult stages of the recovery process but it gets better as time goes by. The physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. However there will be trained physicians and medical expert on ground helping and monitoring your progress throughout this critical stage of recovery.
  2. Group and individual counselling – you will engage in peer to peer discussions and support groups. Therapy sessions would be organised and you will also hold talks with specialists to see you through your problems and assist in your journey to recovery.
  3. Aftercare and support – another important stage of the recovery process is joining an aftercare program that would further get you involved with other support groups. This will further enhance your recovery from Oxycontin addiction.


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