6 Signs You Should Invest in Your Health

Everyone has those days where they feel run down and exhausted, but when it turns into weeks, months, and even years, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your life and your health. Here are 6 signs you should take a long, hard look at how well you’re taking care of yourself, and decide once and for all that you are ready to invest in your health.

1. Your Sleep Is Out of Whack

It’s normal to experience a sleepless night every now and again, but when insomnia becomes a nightly occurrence, it’s time to start paying attention. Sleep deprivation can have some pretty devastating effects on your long-term health, including a weakened immune system and worsening memory problems.

2. You Experience a Sudden Change in Weight

While losing or gaining weight is normal when you’re working toward a certain goal, a sudden, unexpected increase or decrease in weight is something you should take note of. Drastic weight loss or weight gain can be the sign of a serious problem within your body—if you experience either, you should contact your doctor immediately.

3. Your Skin is Bad

Whether it’s acne or a rash, any unusual change in your skin is a sign of something happening internally. Recent studies by researchers at ASEA have shown that redox signaling molecules can help reverse the effects of damaged skin cells that take place as we age by replenishing the body with faster cellular renewal. If you commonly experience acne, eczema, psoriasis, or hives, you likely already know what triggers flare ups of these conditions, so you can easily identify the underlying cause of the issue. If you’re new to skin issues, it’s a good idea to seek help from a dermatologist in identifying the condition and determining the problem behind it.

4. Your Hair Is Dull and Thinning

Many women lose a significant amount of hair post-pregnancy. If you have not recently given birth, however, you should consider a significant loss of hair in a short amount of time to be the sign of a potentially serious problem. Possible causes include a reaction to medication, an infection on your scalp, a drastic change in your lifestyle, or a reaction to an increase in stress.

5. You Are Always Sick, Have Chronic Pain, or Constant Headaches

Chronic pain and constant headaches should be taken seriously, as both are typical symptoms of worse problems. A cold or sickness here and there is normal, but chronic sickness or fatigue may be your body telling you it’s time to make some major changes in your life.


6. You Eat Out Regularly

Eating take out every now and again is normal, but when now and again turns into every day, or multiple times a day, you have a problem. Fast food can be okay in moderation, but has the potential to be damaging to your health and cause weight gain if eaten too often.

Take Control by Investing in Your Health

If you recognize any of these signs in your own life, it’s time to regain control of your health. Reach out to a doctor, consider science based medicines and stop participating in the activities that are taking a toll on your health. You only have one body—treat it with care.

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