A Poor Immune System Opens Doors to Numerable Bodily Disorders

The masses belonging to the present generation want everything to reach them very fast and even the food that they intake is no exception to this criterion. Regular consumption of these fast foods in the long run damages the human immune system to a great extent. A week immune system becomes an easy prey to a lot of diseases especially flu has become one of the most common diseases that attacks the human beings. Till this day, the experts in the field of medicine are trying hard to come out with the best medicine for flu that completely cures the same.

What is flu and how does it spread?

In general, flu is an infection that is caused by a particular variety of virus called influenza. This virus attacks the lungs or the respiratory tract of the victim causing him or her difficulty to breathe. The flu infection starts like a normal cold but it is actually even more than that. Unlike a cold which causes unease for a few days, the flu stays for weeks together and makes the patient to feel too tired. This viral infection is characterized by the following symptoms

  • Prolonged cold
  • Runny nose
  • Secretion of more mucus
  • Rigorous headache
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme tiredness


Flu is generally a communicable disease and it naturally spreads from one person to the other. The virus is generally transferred via touch, that is, when an uninfected person touches the other person with the infection of flu, the infected particles get into the body of the healthy person. Another important agent that spreads flu is air; when a healthy individual inhales the air that is filled with the diseased molecules or particles of flu, the disease is just passed on to his system. This particular disease also spreads by way of objects. If an individual touches the objects that has the influenza virus upon it like a handkerchief or an outfit used by the victim of influenza, the virus automatically gets into the system of the individual who is otherwise healthy.

What are the medications associated with the cure of flu?

Usually, taking a vaccine in connection to the disease caused is the better way to be cured of any disease. It is because of the fact that a vaccine stimulates the white blood cells of the body to fight against the disease. Similarly, there are also vaccines to prevent the flu attacks. But these days, issues are going on about the flu injections being quite ineffective. Recent studies and researches suggest that a substance called palmitoylethanolamide which is produced by the human body itself is the best medicine for flu in its purest form. This palmitoylethanolamide is shortly called PEAand this substance produced in our own cells does not only defend us against flu but also against almost all the bodily infections. So, it is definite a boon given to mankind by way of the developments in the field of science.

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