Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Its Alternatives

Despite improvements in dental assistance, the number of people suffering due to lack of oral care standards and limited awareness is rising. Lack of oral hygiene has registered multiple cases of tooth decay that are ultimately leading to cavity, gingivitis, pyorrhoea, which results in tooth loss if left untreated. Bacteria and food together can cause tooth decay. Germs originate from plaque that forms its grip on teeth and gums and doesn’t erode without medical intervention. As the bacteria feeds, it produces acids which destroy tooth enamel causing decay. This leads to multiple issues such as bad breath, cavity, or caries.

For many years, people suffering from tooth decay used to rely heavily on bridges and dentures to replace the missing tooth. The introduction of dental implants brought a wave of major relief for patients. Implants, considered the most efficient dental treatment, are replacement tooth roots for missing teeth. They provide a strong foundation for permanent or replaced teeth, made to match the natural ones. If you feel that your tooth has decayed to the extent where it requires dental implants, book an appointment with a leading dentist in Delhi on is why you need to immediately connect with an expert through before your oral condition worsens:-


  • It will help you find the nearest solution for healthy teeth. In cases of damage and decay, dentists remove the affected tooth from the root and replace it with an implant in the jawbone.
  • Implants form their grip in the jawbone – more tightly than bridges or dentures that tend to slip while talking, eating or while indulging in other activities that include movement of the jaw. However, with an implant your tooth does not run the risk of repositioning.
  • Tooth bridges can affect the healthy tooth adjacent to the decayed one. However, the dental implants do not sabotage the condition of a healthy tooth and rather protect it from repositioning as they might shift if the space next to it is left empty for long.
  • Dentures or bridges survive for only 5 or 6 years, whereas implants stay put for a longer time. They can even last for a lifetime if proper care is taken and periodic adjustments are made.
  • The best part is that implants do not make your face look saggy. They maintain the normal shape of the face.
  • Most importantly, it feels like a natural tooth which is sturdy in nature. It doesn’t intrude with the normal functioning of jaw while other treatments do hamper the bone’s condition.
  • It is also more reliable compared to root canal or bridges. Most people who have undergone implant treatment have reported in its favour.

This brings us to the point where you should start considering to book an appointment with a skilled dentist. Given the fast paced life most of us lead, we ignore our health conditions because wasting even a single minute while waiting for the doctor to arrive creates havoc in our corporate lives. Much to every working soul’s relief is, that allows you to scan through available doctors on their portal so you can book an appointment at a convenient time. This means you don’t have to hold up business and eliminate the time spent amid other ailing patients until the doctor gets free.


Moreover also provides easy web application that displays the real time availability of skilled doctors and through one powerful tap you can confirm a booking! Keeping the importance of medical care in mind, they eliminate the threat of an unskilled doctor or an imposter by empanelling skilled doctors with best practices for your comfort. They understand that internet is a crazy place with low trust value and hence they issue a seal of verification after multiple checks and screenings. Additionally, they also ensure the authenticity of a clinic, and reflect the stamp of a graded clinic on their website. It also bridges the gap between a doctor and patient – you can be in Bangalore, but can book an appointment sitting in Kolkata, without much ado.

“Ignorance is bliss” but with health there should be no compromises. Hence, it is a must that you visit your doctor before your situation worsens. Regular check-ups will help in monitoring your oralhealth. Be healthy, stay happy!

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