Benefits of using Clenbuterol


Majorly clen is prescribed for people who are suffering from RAO or recurrent airway obstruction. It is also very effective in patients having IAD or inflammatory airway disease. It is also used in cases of bronchopneumonia since it can be used in the adjunct treatment. Since clen acts on beta3 receptors it has the ability to promote lipolysis in the adipose tissue.

Clen is widely used in sports. It has gained a unique place when it comes to its usage in the field of sports. This is because it is very helpful in reducing body fat. It has gained popularity in sports field because of its unique nature to help losing body fat at the same time it supports maintaining muscle mass and enhancing body strength. It is very effective in athletes who are suffering from EIPH. This is the condition of pulmonary hemorrhage which is induced by exercise.

Clen for Athletes – know more benefits of using clenbuterol

Clen is mainly used as Clenbuterol only cycle by athletes. It is also used along with anabolic androgenic steroids. It can be combined with performance enhancing drugs as well. In this condition it will help in reduction of the body fat along with enhancing the growth of skeletal muscle. By enhancing protein synthesis, clen enhances the muscle mass. Clen is mainly used in cutting cycle. This is suitable for cutting cycle because it can enhance core temperature and metabolism in the body. This will result in burning calories.

ClenCycle is very effective in the recovery process. So clen is usually used in post cycle therapy. This should be added at the end steroid cycle when used as post cycle therapy drug.

Clen is very effective in improving aerobic capacity. It can cause sustaining and significant improvements in case of oxygen transportation. It has the ability to target beta- 2 receptors. It has the ability to stimulate central nervous system. These are the reasons behind its effectiveness in protein storage in muscles and muscle growth.


Today majority of the women are also going for clen. So it has gained popularity in women also. Main reason women go for this clen does not come with androgenic side effects. Clen’s repartitioning effects are not related with androgenic effects. So usage of clen will not result in increased facial hair, deepening of voice and thickening of skin which is common androgenic side effects.

2-day on and two day off is the best recommended cycle for clen. One more suggested cycle is three week on and three week off. Potassium tablets of 200 mg to 400 mg should be added in clen only cycle. This can be even replaced by three to four bananas. This is because clen can deplete the potassium naturally present in the body in few cases. In case of a weight loss cycle clen is usually combined with T3. In case athletes, it is recommended to follow a high protein diet. They should follow a low fat and moderate carbohydrate in their diet.

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