Can Public Art Installations Be Crowdfunded?

Art available in the public realm is public art. It can consist of graffiti, large scale well-funded productions, murals etc. Public art serves several functions in the cityscape. In a constantly urbanizing world of concrete jungles raised without a single thought to aesthetics, it provides some much-needed aesthetic beauty. Public art is also a political choice to take art out from the gallery and make it available to the public therefore making art less elite.

Public art installations can range from political ones to the ones that heighten aesthetic pleasure. But one motivation remains common, i.e. to take art out of the classroom, university or academic sphere. One way of doing this is through fundraising india. In this process, people who have money come together by virtue of online platforms like Impact Guru, to contribute money to aspiring, small scale and deserving artists.

Let’s imagine this situation where a student artist or a group of artists want to create an art installation at some kind of urban exhibition centre. What can we do to aid them? Well, for starters, they can create a fundraiser on the Impact Guru website. But this fundraiser will not only cover the costs of the installation but also of the survey behind it. If art is to be democratized, then the kind of art people want to see must be taken into account.

Therefore, street surveys, flyers and publicity are very important. Money needs to be spent on advertising too. So, if you are a student artist who is starting a fundraiser our campaign manager will immediately get in touch with you and tell you about ideas as to how to make this bigger, more exciting and better publicized.

Another way of fundraising india is by bringing together artists. There are various small scale artists who do brilliant work but their work is never noticed because of the lack of publicity and co-operation with other artists. If a group of symbiotic artists’ community could be created with fundraising india at the centre of it, it would help a whole lot of artists. We all know that government spending in the art sector is very limited, almost nil and the only kind of art that is promoted are the ones by big artists. Promoting small-scale artists can change the face of art as more young people come with their own ideas, affiliations and points of view.

Crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru, which is dedicated to promoting creative ventures, can help break the ossification in the art circles. The key to this is promoting public installation art by small scale artists. Impact Guru has already raised 650 crores of rupees in terms of medical crowdfunding, NGO crowdfunding and creative crowdfunding. So, these are the perfect people to fund your installation art.

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