Choose the best maternity hospital to welcome your new family member

We present five tips on picking the right maternity hospital.

For nine months, you have gone through the joy and stress of pregnancy. It is now time to welcome your little bundle of joy – but be sure to do it in the right maternity hospital. This is how you can pick the right treatment facility:

1 Decide where you will deliver – your married home or parents’ home.Many women choose to go to their parents’ house to deliver the child. If your parents live in the same city, this move should be fine, but it can be slightly problematic if your parents are based in another city or country. In the latter case, look for a good maternity hospital in Bangalore beforehand and get your current doctor to coordinate with the hospital, so that the same delivery plan is followed.

2 Choose a hospital near your home. The maternity hospital must be as close to your home as possible. You cannot predict when your baby will decide to be born – it could be in the middle of the night! You must be packed and ready to leave at a moment’s notice when your contractions begin and your water breaks. Having your maternity hospital close by can save time and get you admitted quickly.


3 Study the birth plan outlined by the doctor. You might wish for a natural delivery if your doctor says that your health is fine and that you will be able to withstand the rigours of labour. But if you have had some minor health complications or if you have high blood pressure, the doctor might advise a C-section. Discuss the birth plan with your doctor in detail. If there is some aspect of it that you are not comfortable with, the doctor should not insist on it unless it is a measure to save your or your baby’s life.

4 What are the hospital’s facilities for an emergency?Many maternity hospitals in Bangalore have the basic set-up for the delivery of a baby. But the best maternity hospitals in Bangalore have NICU and ICU departments where the infant and mother can be shifted in case of a critical birth. They also have specialists from other disciplines to consult on a case, besides having sufficient staff on hand at odd hours in the night and early morning.

5 Are you comfortable at the hospital? Go with your gut instinct about the hospital. If you are not fully satisfied with the information or service provided, or if you are not happy with the gynaecologist/obstetrician consulting on your case, shift to another maternity hospital. Look for a treatment centre that is transparent in giving information and where the doctor’s manner is reassuring.

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