Common health problems that most dogs are suffering from


Dogs are also living tissues that will suffer from most health problems. All the various types of health problems are displayed on There are certain common health issues that every dog suffers in their life span.

  1. Infection in ears: It is the most common problem that can happen to any dogs especially the ones with longer ears. The infection occurs due to bacteria, allergies, ear mites and various other issues. The signs of this infection can be easily seen when the dog is shaking their heads and scratching ears. The owner can check for the swollen ear canal if it is swollen or red. The ear infection can be treated by cleaning the ears and the dog becomes normal again.
  1. Worm problem: Worms are the internal parasites which are hard to get noticed. It can also appear on small dogs like puppies. The signs of this condition can be seen when the dog is having weight loss, low appetite, diarrhea and poor appearance. The treatment of this condition is only possible at a Vet. Treating in the early stages of worms is quite easy than later stages.
  2. Vomiting: A dog vomits when they had eaten unwanted food that is not being able to digest. If there are frequent vomits then the cause can be of poisoning, infection or even heart stroke. Check if there is blood in vomit and when this happens then immediately seek help from a nearby vet. Frequent vomiting is a very serious condition which should never be taken lightly.


  1. Issues of fleas: For dog owner’s fleas has always been a bigger problem. There are medicines available for keeping the flea away from the body of the dog. If the dog is having hair loss, scratching too much and losing its shine then it is common that they are suffering from fleas. Fleas can occur in both new and old pet dogs which can be very dangerous if not provided proper medications.
  1. Skin infection: The skin infection can be caused due to the bathing soap that is being used on the dog. Here the chances of allergies are higher which surely be causing skin infection. It is more seen that when dogs come in contact with dirty water they are suffering from skin infections. Skin infection is not only harmful to the dog but it also affects the people around the dog itself.

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