Dangers of Using Dianabol

Dianabol first came to the knowledge of the people when it was revealed that Russian athletes were using Dianabol to win international sports competitions like the Olympics. It is also known for its ability to pass through the liver without being broken down. As a derivative of Testosterone, it is known to have the capability of putting on muscle mass and cutting down body fat. It also keeps the muscles toned and firm.

However, Dianabol is also capable of producing dangerous effects even without abusing it or overdosage. It has components that can harm the body. Here are some of the dangers of using Dianabol.

Minor Side Effects

 Dianabol has minor side effects that are, unfortunately, inevitable. These minor side effects include itchiness all over the body. This is also a major discomfort to the user that if scratched will cause some rashes on the body. Another one is acne everywhere in the body that has skin and pores. This is due to the fact that Daianbol causes oily skin. These minor side effects can die down once the body was accustomed with Dianabol. But if it didn’t, then it only means the worst.

Liver Danger

Because of its ability to remain intact while going through the liver, it becomes toxic to the liver. This could lead to the dysfunctioning of the liver. This will prevent the extraction of food nutrients, therefore, causing the body to slowly lose nourishment.

Vicious Mood Swings

Dianabol can also cause some mood swings that are very difficult to control. Two of these mood swings include depression and anxiety, which let the user become paranoid and later on will fell into insomnia. Another mood problem is the frequent need to react aggressively.  This may be caused by the irritants in Dianabol.

Heart Attacks

Dianabol has been tested to have the ability to increase blood pressure. This may have been related to the aggressive mood swings the user experiences. This can reach a very high blood pressure that may result in stroke and even a heart attack which can lead to death.

Renel Disease

Another disease that may occur when using Dianabol is the Renel Disease. The Renel Disease has something to do with the failure in the kidney. Dianabol is a very powerful substance that can cause the kidney to improperly filter its waste. It is like a negative chemical reaction for the kidney. Infection may occur that may also harm the bladder and the entire urinary system.


Gynecomastia is the irregular development of breast on the male users. Dianabol has the ability to disrupt virilization that can make male users develop female characteristics and female users to develop male characteristics.

These mentioned disease and side effects are in the set of worst case scenarios. These can be prevented with proper dosage and maintaining proper Dianabol cycle. A physician consultation is always required before purchasing such steroid.

There are also cases that Dianabol can be unstable that even with the proper dosage and cycle, side effects still occur. If the mild side effects worsen, then immediate discontinuation of Dianabolis what the user should do. After that, he must promptly visit his doctor for a check-up if any disease developed. Always be reminded that the human body’s health is always the top concern before anything else.

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