Deca Durabolin Injection is a preferred Steroid for Bodybuilders

If you are looking for any injectable anabolic steroid, then most people have preference for Deca Durabolin. After testosterone this is the choice of most of the body builders all over the world. This injection has many medical uses too and doctors use it for the treatment of wasting diseases like ALS.

The other benefit of this injection is that people can quickly recover and get better muscle synthesis and therefore athletes like this injection. Also as compared to other anabolic steroid, it has very mild taxing effect on our body. If you want to derive maximum benefit of this steroid then it should be taken in proper cycle. The cycle of Deca Durabolin is not so complicated and hence any beginner can easily carry on with this steroid.

Injection of Deca Durabolin

If you are a starter then you should not continue with this steroid more than two to three months, as it can damage your liver. However, for any regular user you can get good result with this steroid.

Therefore, for beginners it is recommended that after each steroid cycle they must also take post cycle therapy. If you are a body builder then post cycle therapy will help you to consolidate your gain and reverse any hormonal damage, which must have taken place due to the use of steroid. To know more about this injectable steroid you may visit the website

Cycle of Deca Durabolin

Dosage of the steroid may vary at each cycle based on the gain obtained and the past history of steroid usages. For medical treatment purposes dosage of 100 mg is given per week, however for anabolic gain this dosage may not be sufficient. By using the dosage of 200 mg per week, one can experience mild anabolic effect.

For bodybuilders, the standard dosage is around 400 mg per week, where they can get the benefit of anabolic effect. People who regularly visit a gym must couple it with other oral steroids like Dianabol.

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Results of Deca Durabolin injection

Result of this injection is amazing and therefore people are interested in this steroid. Doctors also use this injection for treating AIDS patient to regain lost weight.

When this injection is coupled with Nandrolone then it gives fantastic results as bone density is increased along with improvement in red blood cells. When healthy athletes are given this cycle then he gets better muscle and increase in endurance.

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