Dental Bridges – Long Lasting Solution To Unsightly Tooth Gaps

Teeth gap which is as a result of a lost tooth or few missing teeth is usually not a pleasant sight to behold. A lost tooth can result from injury, and/or poor hygiene. It can reduce your self-confidence and make you be overly sensitive and conscious especially in public. This will affect your smile badly and you don’t open your mouth when you feel like laughing in public.

A missing tooth can be replaced through dental bridges. Unlike dental implants, which is also another form of tooth replacement, dental bridges are less expensive and more convenient. If you lose a tooth, you may feel reluctant to replace it. This normally occurs when the lost tooth is not visible when you smile. This should not be the case. In fact, if a lost tooth is not replaced, it can affect other teeth in the long run and you’ll be left with a limited number of your chewing machine.

Dental bridges are by far the best solution for replacing missing teeth because it is nonremovable. Even if this form of teeth replacement may seem expensive to a removable one, you can be guaranteed that it will be worth it at the end. Make use of dental bridges today to correct that unsavory tooth gap that has affected your smile. Just as the saying goes – a smile a day keeps the doctor away. Replace your missing teeth with dental bridges

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Different Types Of Dental Bridges

Depending on the type of teeth that need to be replaced, there is a specific type of dental bridges that will work best for you. A dental surgeon will be able to come up with the most suitable option after evaluation. They include:

Conventional Bridges – A dentist will construct this type of bridge if it can be ascertained that there are other strong and healthy teeth on both sides of the missing space that can provide adequate support to the bridge.

Resin Bonded Bridges – This kind of bridge is made up of a firm metal band that is fused to the adjacent teeth of the missing space. It serves as a form of support for the replacement teeth. It is mostly used for replacing the frontal teeth.

Cantilever Bridges – These can also be used to replace the front teeth. When there is a missing tooth on one side of the mouth and strong teeth can be found on the other part, it is advisable to use cantilever bridges. It serves as a form of support.

Preparing For A Dental Bridge

The dental surgeon carries out a series of tests and examinations in order to ascertain the strength and health status of the adjoining teeth. Since the adjoining teeth will support the bridge, the dentist can now choose the most suitable type of bridge.

After that, the supporting teeth will be prepared so that it can support the dental bridge. Once done, the dentist will then proceed to make impressions of your teeth, which will be sent to a lab for fabrication of the dental bridge.  As soon as the permanent bridge is ready, the temporary bridge will be removed.

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