Do You Know Mobile Phones Emit Radiation?

Mobile phones are undeniably one of the best inventions of the century. They enable us communicate with ease and break barriers that previously demanded long journeys to make before passing a message across to loved ones or business partners. While mobile phones have been essential personal commodity, it has a down side that can be very harmful especially to human health – this is because mobile phones emit radiation that can cause health problems should one be exposed to it consistently over a long period. It is also believed that radiation from mobile phone device can cook an egg if exposed to it for some hours. If the effect is this great, how much more exposing your body to radiations from cell phones if used for a long period of time.

Radiation on human can be very detrimental and irreversible. It is advisable to use your mobile phone with care to avoid health problems that may arise from radiation. It is recommended to keep mobile phones away from body organs like Kidney, Liver, Heart and reproductive organs. This further protects you from its harmful effects. Mobile phone radiation can affect fetus in the womb as well. Pregnant women are advised to keep their mobile phones far away from them whenever it’s not in use because its radiation effects can result into serious health issues for both the mother and child. Longer exposure can lead to alterations in the fetus formation

It is best to keep your mobile phone away from your body when you are sleeping. Do not place your mobile phones on your stomach on beneath your head while sleeping. As a matter of fact, longer use of mobile phones can expose one to the risk of tumors. Mobile phones are not the only device that emits harmful radiation, others include laptops, microwave oven and much more. So reduce exposure to not only your mobile phones but also other electronic appliances.  This will help reduce the risk of being exposed to radiation.

Male Hormone Feedback Diagram

Radiation from mobile phone devices can cause degenerative health concerns. They can alter the normal functioning of the body system. Mobile phone radiation can be harmful on human regardless of the age. Asides the reproductive organs, the brain can also be affected. During the developing years of a child their body systems are fragile unlike adults so exposing them to mobile phones consistently at very tender age can increases the risk of health related issues. Babies are at even greater risk, so reduce the use of your mobile phone in their presence. Pregnant women should not use mobile phone gadgets too much for too long as this can affect baby’s brain, which in turn, causes alterations to the child’s behavior will result from it.

To reduce effect of radiation on human, you could try these following tips:

  • Use mobile phones only when necessary and make a limitation to its usage
  • Keep your devices away from children
  • Keep your mobile phones away from your sleeping area.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are detrimental to human health. Frequent use can be damaging health wise.

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