Drug Rehabilitation Is a Serious Need in the United States

Opiate addiction throughout the past decade, has become worse in the United States of America. So much so that government has declared it an epidemic. There are more needs now for beds for addicts to go through relapse more than ever. There is currently a shortage for the amount of addicts out there and the amount of beds needed.

One of the major issues of how it became an epidemic is because of heroin. To produce it, distribute it and find users has become so easy nowadays. It can easily be found and made in many different neighborhoods. Once heroin became popular, people have noticed another way to get high that can be cheaper and even more easily to be found as compared to heroin. This drug is known as being opiates or otherwise known as prescription drugs. These pills are highly addictive and readily available that Americans at any walk of life have started to become addicted to them.

The people who have started off taking prescription drugs have now become addicted to two different drugs of the worst kind. When addicts are not able to find either heroin or prescription drugs, they put their efforts into finding the other. This problem has become really bad in the United States but the hardest hit region is the Midwest. Throughout its history, the country has never seen the problem this bad before. For certain cities the problem has even been called an emergency; one notch above and epidemic.


The cities with the worse opiate problems are mainly found in the state of Illinois. Champaign is a city south of Chicago and has considered one of the worst hit. Rockford in the third largest city in the state and is getting the reputation of being a key heroin trafficking destination. The largest increases within groups that use heroin in Rockford are known to be women and people with above average incomes and private insurance. Those of which have been known to be the lowest in history. They are becoming a very attractive group of people due to the fact that they live in an upper middle class neighborhood.

Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois and even it has a large drug problem. There has been a study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. They have found that heroin abuse in Illinois has increase more than a third.

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