Everything to know about Testosterone Booster

Testosterone heptanoate is very popular with testosterone propionate, and its chains are longer than testosterone propionate, with a half-life of about 15 days, requiring frequent injections, especially for hormone therapy. Most athletes choose to inject twice a week, and more and more economically athletic athletes are more frequent and injected every other day, although this is not necessary from the perspective of long half-life of testosterone heptanoate these athletes Said the blood concentration is more stable, high levels of testosterone to bring the feeling is also better.

Testosterone cyclopentanepropanoate:

It is almost the same with heptanoic acid testosterone, the difference is that the half-life is only about 24 hours of testosterone heptanoic acid, almost negligible, the frequency is not much difference, and the effect is as strong.

Benefits of using exogenous testosterone:

The purpose of using testosterone is different, the dose is not the same, some people are to treat low testosterone disease, and some people are to improve the performance of the movement, no matter how much the amount will have the following effects:

  • Improved ability to restore: training, in fact, destroyed the muscle tissue; muscle growth is in the recovery process occurred. Testosterone can increase the rate of body recovery.
  • Anti-catabolism: Some hormones can cause muscle breakdown and fat accumulation, such as cortisol. Testosterone can prevent or delay its function, protect muscle tissue and prevent increased fat.
  • Red blood cell increase: testosterone can increase erythrocyte, improve oxygen intake and utilization, greatly improve endurance and muscle activity efficiency.
  • Increased protein synthesis efficiency: testosterone can enhance the body’s ability to synthesize protein, increase muscle circumference or maintain muscle tissue in strict control of calorie intake, high levels of testosterone are conducive to positive nitrogen balance so that the body can retain more muscle. Before you shop for this product – visit https://steroidly.com for more details.

Testosterone suspension:

Testosterone heptanoic acid and cyclopentane propionate testosterone is an almost twin brother, testosterone propionate and their differences are only short chains, the half-life is relatively short. The biggest difference between testosterone suspensions and theirs is that they have no ester chains, so the conversion and utilization of the injection is 100%, while the other species have an absorption rate of about 75%.

Suspension without chain also led to its frequent use, the ester chain determines the time to maintain the efficacy of steroids, for example, injection of 100 mg half-life of 48 hours of testosterone propionate, 24 hours after injection of half of the body, that is, 50 mg of testosterone, another 48 hours left 25 mg, and so on until the end of consumption. And the injection of 100 mg testosterone suspension less than 24 hours after the body there is no, athletes must be injected every day, or even twice a day.

Testosterone suspensions are water-based injections, and almost all other testosterones are oil-based injections, water-based injections are quicker and stronger, but the pain caused by injection is more intense but it is painful to say what needle Personal pain is not the same.

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