Experience the Strong Androgenic Properties of Trenavar

If you are looking for a classified pro-hormone to help you in increasing strength as well as mass, then your search will end at Trenavar which is also known as Trendione.  The professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all over the world have experienced an increase in vascularity of the muscles along with rapid fat loss after using Trenavar. The popularity of this drug is astounding as this steroid is known for showing powerful results in shorter cycles. The additional advantage of Trenavar is after the consumption of this steroid, you will notice a greater pump in the gym.

As this steroid is so anabolic, the meals become weapons and the nutrient increase forces the body to use food as fuel to the muscles. It is advisable to the body enthusiasts to always check the ingredients of a steroid before using it. Trenavar purports to be stronger in androgenic properties due to the presence of 20mg Estra-4, 9, 11-triene-3, 17-dione as its ingredients. If we consider Trenavar vs Trenbolone we will find that Trenbolone exhibited a similar structure of dienolone before the production of Trenavar.

Ensuring proper administration

It has been noticed that the users of Trenavar have gained strength and muscle mass within 7-10 days of consuming the first dose. Those users who are more into strength training will surely notice that within 4-6 weeks of its usage, they are close or can even exceed their personal records on their lifts. The dosage of Trendione initially should be 50-70 mg per day and if the body gets accustomed with the dosage and no side effects occur then the dosage can be increased to 100mg maximum.

It is advisable that the dosage should not be exceeded and it should not be consumed for a period more than 5-6 weeks. It is recommended that if this steroid is used as a part of a stack, then a cycle should be followed and a smaller dose of 20-50 mg per day should be consumed. It has been seen that many users choose to stack testosterone, primobolan, decadurabolin or equipoise with it but precaution should be taken and it should be made sure that this stacking is done by very experienced users only. It is essential to implement a full post cycle therapy after the use of Trenavar as it might drop the LH and FSH levels in the body.

Comparing Trenavar with Trenbolone

A dietary supplement that contains inactive forms of a hormone or hormone-like substance which is triggered by the very presence of endogenous hormone of a similar kind in the body is known as Pro-hormones. Pro-hormones are found floating in the bloodstream until they activate the targeted hormone resulting in boosting the activity of that specific hormone. Trenavar is considered to be more androgenic than testosterone apart from being a powerful and special pro-hormone that gets converted into trenbolone in the body. If we consider Trenavar vs Trenbolone, we will see that there is a difference of only one ketone at the 17th position between these two. Tranavar is an oral prohormone that yields active trenbolone when consumed by the body which results in making it a powerful compound.

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