Five signs of a potential drinking problem

Alcoholism is a serious chronic condition that affects countless people worldwide.  Many people know someone who suffers from the pitfalls of alcohol dependence. The problem, however, is that many alcoholics are reluctant to admit that they need treatment for their disease. Some alcoholics aren’t even fully aware that they have problems in the first place.  To identify a drinking problem in a person, watch for the following:

  1. Shifts in social habits

A person with a drinking problem  may exhibit mood shifts in social situations. They may also drink alone and make attempts to hide their drinking from others..  There may be failure to participate in social and family events and denial that there is even a problem. People who have drinking problems sometimes can demonstrate violent behavior.  If a friend or family member  acts in a strangely aggressive manner, that could be a clue. Individuals who have drinking problems may also neglect hygiene requirements and  stop caring about how they appear to others.

  1. Key physical symptoms

Alcoholics often display physical symptoms of their condition. They frequently experience health issues such as liver damage, chronic exhaustion, pancreatitis, anemia, chronic gastritis, ataxia and alcoholic cardiomyopathy. Health problems that are associated with alcoholism are sometimes rather easy for others to pinpoint as well. If a person has alcohol dependence, there may be changes in  eyesight and they may not be able to concentrate on things like they used to. There may be difficulty remembering even basic things.

  1. Drinking and calming nerves

People who are addicted to alcohol may use drinking as a way to calm their nerves. If you know someone who chooses to drink as a means of coping with anxiety and frustration in life, that could be a big sign of alcohol dependence. If you have a friend who relies on alcohol to make it through particularly demanding and taxing events in their life, then that could be a sign of alcohol dependence.


  1. Legal matters

If an individual is suffering from a drinking problem, they may run into legal difficulties on a regular basis. If you have a friend or family member who has run into trouble with the law that was brought on by excessive drinking, that can indicate an addiction. An alcoholic may display disorderly conduct while hanging out at the local bar. He may get a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) after driving drunk.

  1. Abandoned duties

People who have drinking problems often abandon many or all of their duties. If you know someone who has children but who no longer appears to properly look after them, alcoholism could be the culprit. If you have a coworker who has suddenly stopped showing up to work,  alcohol addiction could be the cause. People who suffer from alcoholism often allow drinking  to interfere with many parts of their lives. Excessive drinking habits can interfere with education, employment, relationships and families. They can disrupt things in so many ways that are hard for people to grasp. If you know anyone who fits the description of an alcoholic, take action. Talk to them about alcohol treatment centers that may be able to help.

Alcohol rehab centers can do wonders for people who want to turn their lives around. People who spend time in alcohol treatment centers can go on to enjoy productive and happy existences later on. Alcohol rehab centers can often be lifesavers.

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