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The technique of hair transplantation has evolved over time and people are now opting for procedures that are minimally invasive and have the least possible down time. While earlier the scalp reduction method was extensively used, nowadays, other revolutionary procedures like Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are used.

Since the procedures FUE and FUT have become so popular in the world of artificial aesthetic hair restoration, every other person facing hair loss and balding issues wants to go for one of these. Do have a look at this video on hair transplant reviews by Richfeel. Read about hair treatment reviews from their patients on facebook. Here’s more about each procedure:

Follicular Unit Extraction

Though a revolutionary concept in its own rights, this technique is now considered as the older or conventional method of hair restoration. However, medical professionals who perform these procedures opine that this procedure is still ideal for those who need to cover up a large patch of the bald area.

The Procedure:

In this procedure a strip of tissue from the back of the head is surgically removed and the same is dissected to remove healthy hair follicles. These hair follicles are then grafted into the balding area.

When is this procedure preferred over FUE?

Since this procedure involves scarring and a little surgical procedure, it is only used on patients who need a lot of grafts since in this technique many grafts can be removed and implanted at a time.

Possible issues:

Since the FUE process involves extracting a strip of tissue, a scar of about 1 mm is made on the scalp and this could be the possible cause of complication in some patients. There can be little discomfort and pain due to the incision.

Also, since a scar is left from the removal of the strip, short hair styles cannot be worn as that may expose the scar.

Follicular Unit Transplantation 

As, the name suggests, in this procedure, follicular units are transplanted from one area to another. This is a comparatively new technology and involves the use of micro surgical tools and very high resolution microscopes.

The procedure

This procedure is comparatively simpler than FUE from the patient’s point of view as it does not involve removal of tissue from the donor area. In this procedure, micro precision extractors are used to extract healthy hair follicles from a donor area which are then implanted into the bald patch.

Possible Complications:

Though this procedure has the minimum down time and does not involve any post-operative complications, yet its only disadvantage is it may need more than one sitting to cover a bald patch. This is because in FUE single follicular units are extracted and implanted one by one, which is a very time consuming and labour intensive procedure. This is also the primary reason why doctors still suggest that people who need to cover large bald patches go for the FUE process wherein a lot of grafts can be removed and implanted in one sitting.

While both these procedures offer lasting results, they are used on people only after careful analysis of their hair texture and the bald area that needs to be covered. The only difference is in their price, with FUT being a tad more costly than FUE.

Therefore, if you too are planning to go for a hair restoration procedure, consult your hair specialist doctor and look into every aspect of the procedure as well as their hair loss treatment reviews or testimonialsbefore going for one of them.

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