How Can Different Sexual Positions Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction can be stressful. It can trigger anxiety. It can even cause a guy’s partner to wonder if there is any sexual interest left in the relationship.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the symptoms of ED are common. It isn’t something that should be thought of as “different” or “abnormal.” In fact, if guys can maintain an erection about 80% of the time, there probably isn’t much to worry about.

Around the age of 40, however, the sexual functionality of men begins to decline. The symptoms of ED are most common in the 75+ age demographic, but guys of any age can experience problems with erection maintenance.

Could part of the problem be the sexual positions that are being practiced with their partner?

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Changing the Way Guys Think About Sex

Having sex is important. Being able to have intercourse is pleasurable for guys and their partners. If ED is problematic, then a product like Kamagra Jelly can be helpful. It contains the same active ingredient that is found in Viagra and some guys may experience faster absorption rates with it compared to other treatment options.

In the past, some doctors have recommended that guys with ED should have their partners on top. When combined with Kamagra, a change from the normal sexual position may be helpful. Changes in position can also create added excitement, which may encourage a stronger erection as well.

Intercourse does not need to be the only way to find sexual satisfaction as guys age. Be redefining the sexual experience and the expectations that come with it, orgasms are still possible – even if a full, strong erection is difficult to maintain.

How to Manage Your Changing Sexual Needs

The best way to manage Erectile Dysfunction is to focus on comfort. If you and your partner are comfortable and relaxed, then intimacy is more likely to happen.

Guys can also use these solutions to manage the intimacy in your relationships.

#1. Don’t be in a rush. There is a right time and a right place for sex as guys get older. It can even be helpful to schedule time for intimacy with some couples. Instead of rushing into sex, take your time. Initiate intimacy when you feel energetic and relaxed.

#2. Try other forms of sexual excitement. Mutual masturbation can be an easier way to give and receive pleasure with an intimate partner. Sexual satisfaction can be achieved for a man’s partner without using his equipment.

#3. Think about the environment. For some guys, a room that is cold enough to be uncomfortable can be enough to trigger ED. Some guys struggle to perform when they are too hot. Try hopping into the shower to increase your comfort levels. Maybe invite your partner to share the shower and see what happens from there.

Managing Erectile Dysfunction is different for every guy. If the right combination of comfort and stimulation can be found, then you can enhance the intimacy you experience with your partner. Over time, that means a sex life can become much more exciting.

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