How much weight I can lose by using Duromine?

Duromine is a drug used as appetite suppressant. It include the generic drug known as phentermine as a major ingredient. This is mainly designed in such a way that it can be used with the regular exercise and an healthy diet. The drug phentermine creates a slow effect which extend the effect of Duromine when combined with resin. Duromine are available in capsules with three strength; 15 mg,30 mg, 40mg .It is prescribed as medication in helping weight loss. The average weight loss from Duromine is ought to be 3.4 in many cases.

How Duromine works?

Duromine consist of phentermine which work as an active ingredient for the appetite lose .After going into the body it affects the central nervous system, due to which brain secrets two chemical hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two chemicals boost the energy level inside the body which help in suppressing appetite. Due to this energy boost an individual tends to work out more and started eating less which results in burning of calories and loss of appetite. Duromine helps in reducing the urge of hunger and in some cases it reduces it to null.

Average weight loss by Duromine

Many of the experiment occurred to find out the Average weight by Duromine .Duromine is basically prescribed to the over weighted person or the one who is suffering from obesity but it can also be used by normal person to lose the belly weight. The effect of Duromine varies depending on several parameters which includes the current weight, amount of Duromine intake, gender, immune system, regular diet and exercise. The effect of Duromine is greatly varies on the basis of gender, it changes from men to women. Also the intake of fats, protein and carbohydrates also affects it. The Duromine should be taken, when the body mass index exceed the 30 pounds.

Woman on Scale
Woman on Scale

Experiment related to Duromine’s effect

  • Some of the experiments were conducted to find out the true effects of Suriname which was later observed .
  • The first experiment occur in 1968 in England in which about 36 women participated. They were given the dosage of 15mg Duromine. Later the women were divided into two groups; to one group women were instructed to take slimming pills together with Duromine dosage everyday while other group was instructed to take pills every other month. Their diet were restricted to 1000 calories.

At the end of the experiment it was observed that the group taking slimming pills everyday lost weight about 3.2 pounds and the group taking pills month by month lost 3.4 pound weight. This shows the effect of Duromine with the effect of others pills.

  • The others experiment occur including 36 participants consist of both men and women. They were given the dosage of 37.5 mg Duromime and restricted a diet of 1500 calories. These participant lose about 5 pounds. This show the increase in calories in diet increase the dosage of Duromine affecting the result at very greater extent.
  • Above stated experiment shows that the effect of Duromine changes with the change in several parameters. Rate of weight loss is also affected by an individual’s motivation and desires.

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