How to avoid back pain during Pregnancy – Causes and Solutions

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life and she should be in a state to enjoy it to the fullest. But, with hormonal and physical changes taking in the body, it sometimes becomes difficult for her to do the same. One of the most common discomforts experienced during the pregnancy period is – back pain. It does need immediate attention; else it hampers the daily schedule of mom-to-be drastically.

Why back pain occurs during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is mainly attributed to the shift in balance of the body due to growing size of baby. In order to provide room for the baby to grow, the body tends to bend backwards due to larger belly. This, in turn, compresses the spine and puts extra pressure on the lower back. Two situations happen in the spine due to mother-to-be’s body displacing off the axis in forward direction. These are – lordosis which is explained by over-arched lower back and, kyphosis, i.e. rounding of the upper back. Both these situations contribute to severe back pain during pregnancy.

How to alleviate it

The trick to avoid back pain during pregnancy lies in understanding the posture correct for the body. If the mother-to-be chooses to sit on the support of her pelvis, it is going to add to discomfort during the more difficult days of pregnancy. Here are some of the tips she can follow to get rid of back pain:


  • Sit on sitz bones: Taking support of pelvis interferes with the proper alignment of the bones during pregnancy. It results in unorganized flow of blood, fluids etc throughout the body. This causes problems such as constipation, heart-burn etc. Sitting on sitz bones gives better support to the baby; is given a better cushion of body muscles and helps it feel not feel crumpled inside the body of mother.
  • Exercise to strengthen the core muscles: Strong core muscles are able to hold the baby correctly. These muscles provide a cradle like support to the baby. Thus, brisk walk, indoor cycling on stationery machine, and swimming are considered good.
  • Stand straight: It is advisable not to tend to backwards while standing. It interferes with the alignment of the bones and causes back pain.

Apart from eating good, correct body posture is also necessary for happier pregnancy period. Follow these tips sincerely to avoid back pain during pregnancy.

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