How to increase the GH levels without using HGH supplements

Three main factors that contribute to enhancement in the growth hormone levels are ones that can be easily controlled without usage of drugs. They are weight training and exercising along with proper diet and sleep. The more a person works out, the more GH they release naturally. Many studies have observed that circulating GH in blood stream significantly increases after intense resistance exercise. GH is also secreted while a person sleeps, and studies have shown an increase in GH levels at the onset of deep sleep, so getting the recommended seven to nine hours per night is essential to maintaining GH. Diet is the third major factor in keeping GH levels at optimal.

 It’s necessary to eat a balanced diet with all the necessary proteins and vitamins to combat the purported effects on testosterone. Eating fat free food to stay lean is also important as fat gain can lead to low levels of GH.

“Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.”-Jonathan Swift, Gulliver Travels.

He was right in many ways but the fountain of youth definitely isn’t in the HGH. It doesn’t appear to be effective for young athletes or even for old men. Ineffectiveness of HGH supplements doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about well-being, a good balanced diet with regular exercise regimen of at least 30 minutes a day and proper sleep can be the fountain of youth and well-being.

Natural ways to boost human growth hormone levels should be encouraged that rather relying on the supplements whose efficiencies are questionable and which in turn are known to cause adverse effects instead of promoting healthy living.

It will surely reduce the risk of many illnesses that are chronic, enhance a person’s vigor and enjoyment of life, and definitely slow the ticking of the biological clock.


The possible adverse effects of HGH supplements

  1. People using HGH supplements are more likely to experience fatigue than those who don’t.
  2. The risk of diabetes is significantly increased in users of HGH supplements.
  3. It may trigger growth of cancerous tumors in the users.

Doping of HGH

HGH supplements are banned by almost all sports bodies like International Olympic Committee, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and the World Anti-Doping Agency. The HGH abuse has tarnished the image of many sports personnel and sports itself, including baseball, football and cycling. Competitive athletes who abuse HGH face the risk of disqualification from the tournaments and disgrace as well.

Expensive injections of growth hormone are offered by many practitioners for anti-aging, body building and athletic enhancement even though their usage, marketing and distribution for any of these purposes is illegal.

Adults using this supplement should undergo continuous assessment and if it is no longer needed then usage should be discontinued.

When using HGH, a person need to talk to an expert and check the advantages and disadvantages and the cost for the treatment, the growth hormone levels in his body. HGH supplement must be taken only if the natural production of the hormone is low and is it is suggested by an expert to go for supplement in the therapy.

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