Information on New Cancer Drug Called Dichloroacetate of DCA

The stats of the ‘American Cancer Society’ include the following odds of developing cancer:

  • 1 in every two for men;
  • 1 in every three for women.

Now for some good news, there is an experimental drug for cancer that is showing real promise in the fight against cancer. This synthetic drug is dichloroacetate or just DCA.

Correcting metabolism

This drug works to shrink any tumors by correcting the metabolic oddities that are in cancer cells. This does kill the cells of cancer both in the lab and in human trials. But it remains to be seen if this drug can stop or reverse the growth of a tumor without causing harm to the patient in other ways.

Clinical trial – brain cancer

The very first clinical trial was small and was with patients who were battling brain cancer or glioblastoma which has diagnosis of 12 to 15 months with less than a 3 percent to 5 percent of patients living longer than 5 years. Without any treatment survival is around 3 months. 3 in every 100,000 individuals will develop this disease each year. It begins usually at 64 years of age and is more common in males.

Published in medical journals

The use of this new drug was reassuring and results have been published in the Science of Translational Medicine back in 2010. But there is more work to be done prior to DCA being referred to as effective and safe cancer treatment.


What is most interesting about DCA is that it’s quite inexpensive and is a molecule non-patentable making it of little value to drug companies which make their profit by the patenting of new and expensive drugs. But this also makes trials quite slow to begin due to the lack of funding that big drug companies have. So those who are researching this drug have to wait for money to trickle in from public donations or government sources before more trials are conducted.


Normal metabolism

To understand better on how DCA kills cells of cancer, you need to understand the metabolism of cells of cancer differs from that of healthy, normal cells. Cells of cancer have a different metabolic process in terms of the way they develop energy.

There are 2 ways your cells normal change sugar into energy:

  • Glucose oxidation
  • Glycolysis

So, if your cells become starved for oxygen there is a backup plan to get energy from sugar without oxygen – glycolysis

Mass suicide

Cancer interferes with these ways of developing energy and because of this most cancer drugs kill good cells as well as the bad. DCA actually starts the process for the cancer cells to commit mass suicide while not harming the good cells. It is also effective in all type of cancer growth.

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