Learn The Unknown Facts About Lead And Drinking Water For Kids

The presence of lead in drinking water can cause an adverse impact on the health of children, adults and senior citizens. It can also cause the development of several diseases related to the respiratory tract, liver, cancer, hypertension and stroke. It is very important to learn about the sources of lead and the preventive measures to eliminate it in the most effective way.

We are covering some useful facts about lead and drinking water that are less known to people.

Adverse impact of lead on health

Contamination of water due to the presence of traces of lead poses serious safety concerns to people. Its presence in little amounts can be very dangerous to the health of a person. Let us look at some of the ill effects of consumption of water containing lead in small or excessive quantities.

Lead is very dangerous for young people, especially children. It can cause brain damage to the foetuses, infants, and kids of age till six years.  Due to rapid and efficient absorption of lead in the body, it can cause to premature birth, behavioural disorders, the low weight of the newborn baby, seizures, lower IQ level, etc. in children.

Sources of Lead

The major way by which lead can get into water is due to the industrial activity and erosion of natural deposits in the land. This metal easily makes it way to drinking water by way of corrosion. This happens when water passes through galvanized and lead pipes, brass fixtures and fittings present on submersible pumps, soldered connections, etc.


By the use of environmental controls such as leaded gasoline, leaded paint, lead solder, lead-based housewares and lead in drinking water, it increases the threat to a greater extent. Another very potential contributor for the lead corrosion in water systems is the presence of the switch in disinfection agents like chlorine, chloramines, etc.

Chlorine can lead to a chemical reaction with organic matter present in water and form by-products. These by-products can lead to several health issues in human being such as certain types of cancer.

Ways to eliminate lead in the water

Bottled water is considered to be very much safe than tap water. Drinking bottled water can save you from consuming lead in water and from different types of health risks. The second method is to replace lead components used in plumbing by non-lead plumbing components. This method involves a lot of expenditure but is very effective than all the other methods.

In this procedure, lead solder and copper pipes are replaced by plastic PVC based pipes. This will prevent lead from entering the drinking water when water passes through these pipes to the tap. Lead Test On Amazon offers accurate testing of drinking water. This includes municipal water, well water, tap water, ground water, spring water and residential water sources.

The presence of small amounts of metals such as lead can be highly detrimental to the health of a person. Learning about its presence and ways to guard against its damaging action would keep your family secure and protected.

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