Modafinil is Legal in the US

When a person is suffering from extreme daylight sleepiness, sleeping disorder because of work or narcolepsy, the main solution is to take Modafinil. This drug is also recognized as one of the effective cure for some of the symptoms of ADHD. Modafinil comes in different names depending on the country. This drug comes under the name Provigil, Modavigil and Alertec. Moreover, people are getting curios if modafinil is legal in the US since the drug can also cause addiction to people especially to the ones who are having a hard time to cope with their sleeping disorders.

Modafinil is legal in the US if an individual possesses a prescription coming from his or her physician. When a person who does not have any prescription and buys modafinil online or through physical stores, he or she will be prosecuted by the authority and it is because the drug is a controlled matter. Moreover, people in the US can buy legally the drug as long as they have the prescription but they are not allowed to import any modafinil.

The same in the USA, modafinil is also legal in Australia and the UK when a prescription is present.  In Australia, modafinil is being under the name of Modavigil. These three countries allow their citizens have modafinil purchase as long as they can present a recommendation that has been provided by their physicians.

Where to Buy Modafinil

As when it comes to the place where you can buy modafinil, you can buy modafinil at pharmacies that can be near your area but always see to it that you have the authorization from your physician, which tells that you are being prescribed with this kind of drug. Modafinil online is being sold through online pharmacies but a prescription is also required in order for you to avail it. There is cheap modafinil online that you can purchase. Also, generic modafinil is also available which you can buy. There are modafinil 200 MG that you can purchase online or through physical stores.


In addition, when you buy modafinil online, always keep in mind that you are just like buying through a physical pharmacy store, which means you have to prepare a prescription that is provided by your doctor. As for the modafinil price, it depends on the store where you are trying to purchase and the dosage you want. The price range for this drug is from $90 to $500. If you are planning to modafinil buy online, you should need to do modafinil order in order for your purchase to process.

Modafinil is legal in the US as long as a medication is being provided by the citizen. Even modafinil buy at a physical store and online stores, it is always a need to give them a prescription that says that your doctor gives you this drug as your treatment for your condition. Failure to provide the needed document can put you to prosecution since it is a drug controlled by the authority. Hence, modafinil is a drug that is legal in US and other countries if a prescription is provided.

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