Natural solution to all Testosterone related woes

An ancient Peruvian root crop found in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains, Maca is gaining popularity as a supplement and superfood. Maca root which is mostly consumed in powder form belongs to radish family. It acts as a natural testosterone supplement providing relief by helping to attain the optimal levels associated with the hormone. Adequate sleep and use of natural supplements is best advised for boosting testosterone levels. Hormone therapies are usually prohibitively costly and have hidden side effects, these two factors act as a deterrent to fitness enthusiasts who try hormone therapy. In case you want to increase testosterone levels to enhance mood or to boost muscle mass as you age, then a natural supplement like maca root might be all you need. Even though the relation between Maca root and testosterone is well documented, there are other benefits provided by maca root which includes:

  • Maca is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids.
  • Maca has for long been used to promote sexual function of both men and women.
  • Maca has been used to relieve menstrual issues and the side effects of going through menopause.

Hormone balance is key to regulating sexual function, mood regulation, disease prevention, and much more. Maca’s ability to balance hormones is often credited to its stimulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Low testosterone levels can be detected using a simple test for the same in a clinic. It is also advisable to keep a check on the various symptoms related deficiency of testosterone. Symptoms may include low energy levels, reduced muscle mass, low iron (also known as anemia), feelings of depression or an overall decreased feeling of well-being and increased body fat. In case these symptoms are exhibited are, it is beneficial to try a supplement like Maca to increase testosterone levels. Maca has long been used by natives – mostly as an aphrodisiac, thus indicating a relation between Maca root and testosterone.

Natives of Peru consider this to be a superfood and use it as a libido booster and while modern studies are limited, research shows that it does have the potential to be an aphrodisiac. Libido is often related to testosterone levels, somewhere along the way Maca became associated with boosting levels, though there is very little research to confirm that assumption. Even though some studies do not show positive results as far as boosting testosterone is concerned, Maca roots can still be used for libido enhancement and sexual health with a natural supplement. Maca root consumption should be done in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

All major nutritionists advise starting with half a teaspoon of the powder to start with and then slowly moving to the maximum intake of one full teaspoon of Maca powder daily. The side effects of consumption of Maca powder are not well known. However it is not recommended that those who are pregnant or breast feeding refrain from the use of this powder.Those suffering from hormone-related conditions, such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer or uterine fibroids are also advised against taking Maca powder, as the herb could replicate the hormone estrogen.

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