Nutritional Information You Need To Know About Dim Sum

Chinese Dim Sum is a great way for people to try different Chinese delicacies and ingredients in one single bite. This helps people try small portions of food and try different flavors without overfilling yourself. You can even have dim sum delivery so you don’t even need to leave your home or office to try it out.

When there is a wide variety of foods in places such as china, you would need all the stomach space you can get to get to try all the delicious food the place has in store for you. And one way to do this is to go for Dim Sum. Your tongue would go for a flavorful rollercoaster you would not be able to expect. Dim Sum is often served as appetizers in Chinese restaurants. However, some places also build an entire meal around it. No matter how it is prepared, you would surely enjoy these packets of excitement in every bite.

Steamed dumplings are usually what people think of when they hear about Dim Sum. However, Chinese dim sum may surprise you as it ranges from steamed buns, spring rolls and an assortment of dumplings with different combinations of meat and vegetables that you have not yet explored. As much as people love Dim Sum dishes, it would be helpful to be aware of the nutritional information it has in store for you. Through this you can be able to balance your intake of the different kinds, types and varieties of this delectable product. Here are some of the different choices you can go for, along with the benefits to increase your overall health.

Traditional Dumplings

As the most commonly known variety of Dim Sum, traditional dumplings have taken its course in all parts of the world. As being known for its flavor, Traditional Dumplings also contain a good amount of calories and sodium. Most food today contain excessive amounts of these but in contrast to traditional dumplings that are made from fresh meat containing minimal amounts of preservatives, calorie and sodium content do not reach alarming levels.

These contain 4 grams of carbohydrates as well as 4 grams of proteins which are great for those who want to maintain their body mass as well as those who do not want to put on weight but still want to enjoy food.

Spring Rolls

This variety of Dim Sum can be compared to egg rolls, only that they are smaller and are filled with vegetables, meat and spices. These are then deep fried to a golden brown finish ready for munching. They contain a little more calories compared to traditional dumplings, 127 calories to be exact… still within normal limits when it comes to finger food. Due to the high vegetable content of spring rolls, we can also find fiber within its contents. Numerous accounts of digestive benefits of fiber can be named as well as contribution to better movement of food in the digestive tract.


As the saying “Everything in moderation” goes, consuming multiple servings of spring rolls may result to increased sodium content. As one serving of spring rolls contains 211 grams of sodium, blood pressure problems should be looked into before eating a lot of these.

Steamed Buns

Not being known to many that steamed buns are under the category of Dim Sum, people fail to know that they have similar health benefits. Preparations of steamed buns include fillings that contain vegetables, fresh meat and sometimes eggs. Levels of saturated and polyunsaturated fats are also very low when talking about steamed buns. 1 gram of saturated fat and 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat can be found within these preparations which are very good as even if you consume multiple servings of these, problems of excessive fat consumption are avoided.

Multiple Chinese dishes contain high amounts of sodium. And high levels of sodium are not exactly great for the body when you think about it. Sodium intake must be taken into account if you have problems concerning high blood pressure because high sodium content in the blood may have detrimental effects to a person when hypertension is involved and so, close monitoring of sodium and water intake must be made. Call your favorite HK food restaurant and have some dim sum delivery every once in a while.

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