Picking a Tanning Salon with a Healthy Tan Attitude

Have a beach vacation planned and afraid to reveal your pale skin?

Have the perfect dress to show off your figure, but your sickly white skin comes in the way?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, a spray tanning salon is your best solution. You can acquire a bronzed and glowing tan that would attract admiring eyes anywhere you go.  And all this can be achieved instantly and without any damage that a sunlight-induced tan can bring.

With all the hype about getting a tan instantly and safely, you are sure to head to the nearest tanning salon.

Before you get all frenzied up about the tanned look, here are some important points to consider. While a nearby salon would be your choice if you have a busy work schedule, here are certain factors you should look into:

Hygienic and Pleasant Ambiance

When it comes to tanning, make sure your health is taken care of. To have a healthy tan, the tanning salon should maintain proper hygiene. So, when you approach a salon for your first consultation, take a look at the salon. Is the salon adopting standard hygiene measures such as,

  • Properly sanitized equipment
  • Proper tanning beds, spray tans, leg tanning, and other tools

Make sure the cleaning process they do is a proper one. You should choose a tanning salon that practices safe cleaning methods.


Employee Know-how

When employees fail to be updated on the proper use of tanning methods, the entire experience can be frustrating and damaging too. And they should not pressurize you into buying a product or package that you are uncomfortable with. They should have deep knowledge about

  • Smart tanning methods
  • The equipment used for spray tanning
  • Health and sanitary requirements
  • Products offered by the salon
  • Prices and practices of the tanning salon

Employees should make you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Opt for a well-designed tanning salon that has smart tanning methods and makes customer health its priority. Employees should also recommend on the right product and smart tanning methods for customers.

Diverse Range of Options, Packages, and Equipment

A proper tanning salon should offer diverse range of packages and equipment. Since everyone has unique skin and lifestyle choices to make regarding the tanning methods and products, it is necessary for a tanning salon to have a wide range of options to select from.

Further customers may prefer to have a specific type of tanning bed and others may want a tan in a booth. A salon with minimal options will chase away prospective customers due to the dull monotonous tanning routine.

Testimonials Pack a Punch

With great testimonials from satisfied clients, tanning salons can increase their clientele. And the reviews also pinpoint to the things that are lacking in the salon. So, make sure you look at the online reviews and testimonials before you sign up for a package. If you find most of the reviews to be positive, then it is a good tanning salon to opt for.

And location is also of importance as a nearby salon would make it easy to fix an appointment and keep it. Choose a tanning salon that offers affordable tanning packages discounts and offers, so the tanning trip doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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