Problems with Erection – Causes and Treatments

An erection problem happens when a man is incapable of obtaining or maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction may have a diverse range of causes. Diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressures are some of the health-related problems that can influence blood vessels which meddle with erections. Excessive eating, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol or drug abuse are some lifestyle features which can cause erection problems. Injuries, nerve diseases and treatment for prostate cancer may also be factors. Prescription medication can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Physical or Psychological Causes

Most men have about 3 to 5 erections each day and will last up to 30 minutes. There are easy tests which can be clarified by your healthcare provider or doctor to know if you’re getting regular erections at night. If the problem is emotional, psychotherapy is essential.

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Consults Your Doctor

If you’re anxious about physical erection problems, a visit to a doctor can assist you in finding the causes of the problem. A physical examination and medical history help medical experts recognize what might be the cause and what you can do to solve it.

Erectile Problems Treatment Includes:

Lifestyle Adjustments

Having a healthy lifestyle can enhance the performance of your heart and your sexual action. For most men, overpowering their erection troubles may be as easy as performing an exercise schedule, quitting smoking, eating healthy food or quitting unhealthy practices such as taking recreational drugs or drinking too much.

Sexual Enhancers

Prescribed pills such as Kamagra Jelly, Viagra and many others have transformed the cure of erectile problems in recent years. These male sexual improvement medications enhance and increase blood flow to the penis. These pills are suitable for men who are moderately healthy but have problems in getting and maintaining an erection, most times because of their age. Men should note that these enhancement medicines do not give automatic erections.

Devices and Injections

Injections are essential for various men when other solutions are unsuccessful. Medications can be inserted into the shaft of the penis to produce an erection immediately. Vacuum devices can also assist in creating an erection through a vacuum tube that’s linked to a pump. The pump assists the blood in flowing to the penis. For more severe problems, a penile implant may be essential. The device is surgically implanted. It bends or inflates to create an erection.

Diagnosis and Test for Erectile Problems

The various possible causes of erectile problems indicate that a doctor will certainly inquire about your health issue by asking a lot of questions and perform blood tests. Such tests can confirm for low testosterone, diabetes, heart problems, among other things. The doctor will also perform a physical examination.

Before getting a diagnosis of erectile problems which require treatment, a doctor will check for signs which have occurred for at least three months. When a patient’s record is established, a doctor will commence an advance examination. Some other tests of erection problems include the Snap-Gauge test and potent test. These processes offer limited details but can assist and direct a doctor’s selection of more tests in knowing the cause and providing solutions to an erectile problem in men.

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