Should you take Clen?

Clen, a stimulant drug by nature increases the internal body temperature which forces the basal metabolic rate to increase. All this leads to burning of surface fat to release energy. As there is a lot of energy that is released, the endurance increases and the users are able to work out better than non-users.

The many benefits

The benefits while you use Clen include muscle building, help in increasing your performance in workouts and increases lean mass. Only a little amount of effort is required to see the desired results while you are using Clen.

As we know the great results from Clen, you would definitely want to try it for loosing those extra pounds. However, be informed that Clen has some side effects and can be minimized as you take it in recommended doses only. Many use it for short term only due to the fear of its long term side effects.

If a person consumes more and more testosterone supplements then it may result in stopping the natural production of the hormone by the testes. This condition is referred to as testicular atrophy or shrinking of testicles. In future this will lead to low sperm production and infertility. The pharmaceutical replacement of this hormone can only replace testosterone and is not bothered with the imbalance that it creates for the other hormones. Though testosterone is important for the overall health, strength, sexuality and feeling of well being, its synchronization with the other hormones is what lets it do its job.

In few cases high level of testosterone can enhance the libido. Otherwise in majority of the cases it leads to issues like erectile dysfunction, painful and frequent erections. Other negative effects are mood changes, male pattern baldness, and enhanced risk of estrogenic effects. These are the results of high testosterone levels. To begin with, it is always advisable to start at lowest possible effective doseand then eventually increase the dosage depending on the doctor’s advice.

How does Clen work for Weight Loss?

One can see great results in weight loss with Clen and get lean muscle too. However, it does not work on itself. You need to combine a healthy diet and workout schedule with it to get best results. The dosage also plays a great role. Many body builders stack it with other steroids to improve results. This not only improves results but one can avoid many possible side effects ofthe drug. Whether you just follow a Clen cycle or would stack it, you should know its effects and side effects.

Clen – pointers

Now-a-days, legal Clenbuterol pills are available in the market which is the best and safe option. There are some side effects using Clenbuterol such as muscle cramping, insomnia, heart enlargement, skin rash, loss of concentration etc. But these side effects occur mostly due to taking overdose of this steroid over a period of time

Without exercise, the food that you eat will convert into fat and gets stored in the far cells. Hence, you won’t be able to see good results.

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