The Truth about the Peyton Manning and HGH Controversy

You will always read about athletes who have either acknowledges taking supplements like Human Growth Hormone. At least you will find some sportsmen who have allegedly taken them. The case of Peyton Manning is a classic example in this regard. By nature, athletes need to prioritize on strength build-up. This helps them to deliver them with optimum performance. But does switching to performance-improving supplements give the only way to make it?

The Story of Manning

Manning has been a football diva. However, that did not stop him from becoming a victim of serious allegations. And the news that he received HGH through the mail has done the rounds. Despite serious allegations, the question of calling him an offender is still shrouded in mystery!

Before getting into the details of the controversy, you might want to understand what HGH hormones actually are. You should also delve to understand why it can be a potent tool for fitness enthusiasts.

What is HGH?

HGH or Human Growth hormone is generated by the pituitary gland of brain. The pea-sized gland performs the mammoth task of monitoring growth to the muscles, body and bones. What is more; it regulates the coronary functions!

HGH works really fast to manage wear and tear of muscles, caused by injury. It also builds up the endurance level of your body. Plus, it melts extra fat and help you to build lean muscle mass. HGH administration is not permitted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Hence, it has to be prescribed by a registered doctor for its legal use. Some cosmetologists also use it as an anti-aging element.

The Report!

In 2016, a report produced in Al-Jazeera produced that there was allegations against the football player. He allegedly used growth hormones to recover injuries that he suffered after neck injury. This was in 2011.

The pharmacist, who was secretly recorded for the report, has apparently estimated that almost 50% of players are using the growth hormone. This is an equally widespread practice among baseball players. The sportsmen alleged take performance-enhancing supplements.

In the report, it was also stated that while Manning was recovering his injuries, his wife Ashley received HGH through the mail. However, Ashley mentioned that what she received was a prescription medicine. She also mentioned that it was a part of her anti-aging treatment only!

Peyton and HGH

Peyton did acknowledge that he was treated by a doctor who recommended HGH to his wife. He also maintained that for quick recovery, he tried holistic approaches. For example, he did oxygen therapy and nutrient therapy. But neither the doctor nor his wife provided him with any medications or hormone supplements.

Two months after the controversial report was furnished, the accuser took back his story, admitting that he has ‘made up’ the whole story.

The shipment was taken place back in 2011. Plus, the accuser recanted the story quite unexpectedly. Hence, whether Manning actually took the HGH supplement seem to remain an unanswered question. However, what happened with manning could be an example for others to consider.

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