Weight loss is the buzzword now – 3 Best exercises for it

The right exercise boosts weight loss since it accelerates the process of burning calories and is also the fastest means of burning fat and side by side losing weight. It is entirely on your discretion to choose exercises as per your body type so that you can lose weight from definite parts of your body like thighs, glutes, belly etc. Lifting weights and playing any kind of sports is also beneficial in helping you lose weight since more usage of muscles induce high metabolic rate.

The idea behind losing weight by exercising is by cutting down on the fat that you’ve accumulated through years. Not only can exercise but diet can also help us lose weight. It is just that exercise facilitates the process. Here are few exercises that can help you lose weight fast.

  1. Take on the plank challenge

Do the 30-day plank challenge in order to stabilize your muscles and see yourself losing enough weight. Planks are undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercises for building core strength and abs. We need strong core for everything like walking, lifting things and many other activities. Strong core will allow the body to move with ease and also be active for different workouts. If you’ve got a hanging belly, be sure to do away with it through a plank exercise.


  1. Squats can give you a toned abdomen

When you have toned legs, you can attract many eyeballs and for getting those perfect legs, squats can be the perfect exercise. There are very few who work on their lower body and this is why most of them seem to have an uneven body. When you have toned legs, you can walk with more confidence and squats work out the entire body and you can try them in different variations. It burns fat in the thighs, glutes and portions called the hamstring areas.

  1. Russian twist for those fat on the sides

If you have lot of fat on your sides and on your belly and it’s troubling you, you can perform the Russian Twist. This is an exercise which works the core and helps you get a flat and defined stomach and waist. Try to include this in your routine and thereby burn all fat around your belly. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can use Swiss balls.

Apart from the 3 exercises given above, push-ups can be even a better one for the upper body as it increases strength in your wrist, forearm, shoulders and chest. They play a role in accelerating the blood flow throughout your body and enhance the health of your heart.

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