What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From Microblading Treatment

A lot of women who have thin eyebrows generally use make up products like eye brow pencil to make them appear dark and in proper shape. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent way to give a unique touch to your eye brows. It is an innovative way to make your eye brows look dense and fuller. By performing this treatment, you no more require the application of chemically enriched make products for a few years easily.

Gives you effective results that last for a good time

When you get microblading procedure done at a professional cosmetic institute then your new eyebrows can easily last from anywhere between one to three years easily. The staying power of the new brows depends on the environmental conditions to which they are exposed to.

You are relieved from the need of putting makeup in the morning

Eyebrows are one of the important aspects that make your face look good. When your eye brows are thick and dense, you need not give a touch up to it to make yourself presentable. Not just it relieves you from the effort but also saves a lot of precious time in the morning.

Best method for people with skin issues

People who are suffering from hair loss diseases like alopecia or cancer patients who have undergone chemo therapies can also get thicker and fuller eyebrows. Microblading is a cosmetic process that brings a ray of hope to such people. It provides a good density of hair to their eyebrows which they have lost due to the disease.

Real look

The best part of this treatment is that its real and crisp appearance that makes it difficult for others to tell that it is done through a cosmetic procedure. Microblading is a far more natural looking option than what you get using eyebrow pencil which is quite easy to make out!

No issues about smudging or smearing off

Often people who have an active lifestyle or are involved in the exercise, get a lot of sweat on the face. In the case of applying external makeup on the eyebrows using eyebrow pencil, there is a possibility that brows may either get smudged or smeared. This does not happen in the case of microblading.  As the implants penetrate inside the first three layers of skin, there is no losing of the appearance of the brows.

Less time required

Microblading does not require much time like other cosmetic procedures. It takes only one and a half hour to perform the job and the results of it easily last for one to three years. People who wish for a bold or darker look, experienced cosmetic surgeons at Foxy Brow Microblading advise additional sessions to be carried out.

Virtually painless

The entire procedure of microblading is performed using a strong intensity numbing cream. Application of the cream makes it pain-free.


Microblading is known for its long lasting and completely safe results to people. This makes it a very popular cosmetic treatment that you must try if you too have been facing issues with your thin eyebrows.

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Stephen Heyer has written this guest post. Foxy Brow Microblading is the leading cosmetic clinic that provides safe and reliable microblading treatment to its clients in California. Our experts use efficient methodologies and advanced equipment to give the best and long-term results to customers.

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