What You Need To Know About Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology aims to improve the body’s distinctive healing mechanisms. The procedure uses pressure to certain reflex points on the patient’s feet. It used various finger and hand techniques to target certain feet areas. By applying pressure to the specific points on the feet, we can positively influence body’s health. This treatment help the body to release stress and heal or regenerate itself.

Reflexology improves the body’s central nervous system by using a calming message. As a result, the overall relaxation it brings can help the organs work at their best. However, keep in mind that foot reflexology is not a curative procedure. Just like other massage treatment, it is used to complement or ease discomfort of various health conditions. You will start feeling the changes in your body after just two foot reflexology sessions with a qualified therapist.

If you are interested in food reflexology, here are some of the health benefits it can give you:

Alleviate Arthritis Pain:

Foot reflexology benefits are known to be effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. Up until now, there is still no treatment or cure for arthritis. However, with early recognition and giving regular treatment, we can alleviate the pain or discomfort caused by this disease. As a result, the patient’s quality of life will improve.

Reduce Hypertension:

Foot reflexology can reduce hypertension. If not treated properly, hypertension can cause heart disease. A lot of studies have claimed that by providing a consistent massage program to someone who has hypertension, you can decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure and lower sources for anxiety, depression, and hostility. After a foot reflexology, some find that they need to visit the restroom. This is because the excess fluid needs to be released after the treatment to reduce blood pressure.

Treat headaches and migraines

Migraines and tension headaches are often caused by fatigue, stress, drastic weather changes, and food allergies. If you are not fond of over the counter medicines, one good way to eliminate headaches and migraines is through reflexology. This method has been used for years to cure headache by applying pressure to points on the feet release energy throughout the body. It can also be used to get rid of other ailments that cause migraines like stress or allergies.

Help with depression

Depression brings undesired feelings and emotions to a patient. To get rid of these negative feelings, experts recommend a non-invasive and safe technique for you to maintain a healthy outlook on life. With reflexology, you can have a of positive lifestyle technique that aid in releasing stress, pain, and tension throughout the body. By applying pressure to certain points at the feet, reflexology can unblock energy flow to help improve your mood and emotions.


Studies show that reflexology can aid in reducing cancer treatment symptoms, like pain, nausea, or even constipation. Reflexology experts believe that by having your feet massaged, it can stimulate different organs in your body that are responsible for releasing the body’s natural healing powers. It then helps in restoring health. While there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim, many still believe that reflexology can help start the healing process of cancer patients.

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