Why Every Torontonian Should Try A Pay-As-You Go Gym

Why try a pay-as-you-go gym? Imagine trading your bulky, guilt ridden gym contracts for the freedom of going to the gym when you want, still using state of the art equipment and having access to professional, certified trainers. In the world we’re living in, traditional gym contracts don’t make sense when paired with the schedules most on-the-go professionals sustain. Strict contracts are a thing of the past –in 2012, The Guardian wrote an article referring to pay-as-you-go gyms as the thing of the future, and, well, the future is here.

Pay-per-use facilities available in the Toronto area offer a variety of classes, which are challenging and exciting, including yoga, bootcamp, cycling, kangoo and more, along with more personalized services such as facials, waxing and even childcare. You want to go once a week? You want to go 6 days a week? The choice is yours, and the extended menu of services that pay-as-you-go gyms offer is extensive and exciting, meaning these are the best gyms in Toronto for sheer choice. Maybe you want to work with a personal trainer, or maybe you want to just have a self-directed work out—it’s all possible at a pay-as-you-go gym.

The staff at pay-as-you-go facilities are all certified professionals, and their task, delivered with experience and aplomb, is to encourage the guests of the facility into becoming their best and reaching their goals, while offering a variety of classes or personal experiences. Experts in their field, they respect the schedules of those of us that may be inconsistent in our workouts as well as those who attend gyms daily. You won’t be getting an earful from the professionals at a pay-as-you-go gym, because they’re in the business of being encouraging and helpful, to make sure you keep coming back, and keep improving yourself.

Compared to a monthly or yearly contract, pay-as-you-go gyms only charge you for what you are utilizing. According to moneysavingexpert.com just a few months after joining a gym with big fees, half of the people will quit going. With pay-as-you-go facilities, if you have a month where you have the opportunity to work out more frequently, the facilities usually will incorporate a cap limit, so after a certain number of visits per month the rest of the month would be free. It’s just way better financially and health-wise to go to a gym where you’re valued, and a pay-as-you-go gym, because they’re always vying for your continued business (unlike contract gyms, that have no incentive to improve once they’ve got your money), will always offer you the best service and equipment and a rate that you’re comfortable with.

Every Torontonian, whether an on-the-go professional, college student or even stay at home parent, should give the pay-as-you-go gym a try, because if you do you’ll be rewarded with the freedom to choose how and when you work out, without the guilt of a gym membership weighing you down – it’s like a breath of fresh air.

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