Why GenF20 Plus Is Better Than All the Other HGH Producers

If you are looking for a supplement to release HGH, you will find dozens of pills and sprays all claiming they have the ingredients that are necessary to increase levels of human growth hormone. They all have ingredients that they say scientifically have been proven to encourage the production of HGH, but they are in dosages that are so low they seldom work.


This is common practice in the industry of supplements since the manufacturers want to say that their pills or sprays contain the necessary ingredients but at the same time they can keep their manufacturing costs as low as possible.


This is the reason that GenF20 Plus stands out from all the others. GenF20 Plus starts out with a daily pill. Then it requires that you work up to 4 pills per day ensuring you get the right dosage of every ingredient to get the best results.

Alpha GPC

After a study was released about Alpha GPC which is a powerful HGH releasing ingredient, it was decided to add this to the GenF20 Plus as an oral spray.


The medical community has known for years the anti-aging benefits when HGH levels get back to where they were in the 20s. It has been shown in studies that HGH levels dropping is the major reason for all the problems associated with aging. So when taking GenF20 Plus it causes the levels of HGH to return to what they were when you were 20. And some of the benefits include:


  • Diminishing wrinkles;
  • Diminishing laugh lines;
  • Diminishing age spots;
  • Skin and feels and looks smoother and firmer;
  • Increases physical endurance;
  • Decreased body fat and weight loss;
  • Build lean muscle;
  • Faster metabolism.
  • Better sleep

In other words, your body will be restored to the way you looked and felt when you were in your 20s.

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