Winstrol – For Athletics and women


A female athlete who is active in physique sport takes nearly 10mg per day. They can change the dosage and can increase if needed. So, in general women take it at 10mg per day dose. If they feel this is not sufficient then they can stack this steroid with other steroids like anavar or creatin, any other thyroid hormone, SERM or HGH. One cannot decide that a particular dose is best when they are using winstrol. It is on the usage and goals as well as the workout style. All three bulking, cutting and athletics are different so, each person takes the steroid in different dose. The body and its composition also varies so; the dosage is always different from person to person.

Abuse of the drug can lead to many problems like the muscle cramps and also lead to excessive amount of sweating .The blood pressure gets increased with nausea and also causes insomnia.

If one is following a diet before his competition then he can just add Winstrol to the regular steroid cycle at the end. This will take care of putting lean mass. Winstrol stack can also help and benefit performance athletes.

On Winstrol cycles for women, they should include more and more green vegetables, increase lean proteins and concentrate on cardiovascular work outs to prevent the side effects of Winstrol. So these can take of high cholesterol and join pains.

While, anabolic steroids are produced in the body to produce the testosterone in ovaries as well as testicles the androgenic part helps in producing male sex characteristics and anabolic part increased the body tissues. The pituitary gland regulates the testosterone production. Anabolic steroids have side effects and must be taken under supervision else they make cause death in some cases.

The best part of using stanozolol is that it has minimal side effect which makes it the best bet in the bodybuilding market. There common side effects of all other steroids such as palpitations, high blood pressure, development of female characteristics, anxiety attacks etc.

Winstrol is sold with various names such as stanozolol as mentioned earlier winnii, winstroll, winstrall, stanabol, stanol, zambons, winstrol depot, azolol etc. These are the same products sold under different names. Found mostly with prescription and if not in the black market. The structure of winstrol is so path defining that it has so less on the androgenic effect and more on the anabolic effect; thus, making it the preferred choice.


Winstrol has been in use since years and something that is so popular cannot have huge side effects. But whatever side effects that might occur, it is possible to counter them with adequate and apt additional supplements. Winstrol is relatively mild when compared to other steroids, and does not land heavily on your body. Also, before you start on the dosage, it is important to understand why you are using it and its purpose. As depending on your need, you can either go for the solo Winstrol or use them along with other supplements.

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