Is Fast Weight Loss Efficient? Rapid Diet May Be Best, Says Katrina Purcell

To lose weight effectively, you must lose a lot of weight and quickly. Studies presented during the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm destroyed a myth: “Surprisingly and against current beliefs this study shows rapid weight loss appears to be superior to gradual weight loss in achieving target weight,” said Katrina Purcell, a registered dietitian and researcher at the University of Melbourne (Australia).

The specialist conducted an experiment according to Nitrilean reviews comparing two types of diets. A “fast” of 12 weeks with a target loss 1.5 kg (3 lb and 4.91 oz) per week for a person weighing 100kg (220 lb and 7.39 oz). The other “progressive” about 36 weeks with the goal of losing 0.5 kg (1 lb and 1.63 oz) per week for a 100kg person as well.

The results show that 78% of people under the “fast” diet have achieved 15% weight loss, against only 48% of people under “gradual.”

The difference is linked to psychology and motivation: “When you lose 1.5 kg per week, you want to continue, whereas when you lose 0.5 kilograms here and there … ”

Katrina Purcell however cautioned against too quick diets, known as “crash diets”, consisting of an extreme deprivation of calories. “Don’t do it by yourself, do it with a dietitian,” she recommends.

Moreover, Katrina Purcell’s investigation on overweight people, and her findings may not apply to “bikini and fashion diet addicts” on the eve of summer.

Finally a missing point in her study: it does not cover what happens after the weight loss. Many doctors and dietitians believe that the more you lose pounds, the more likely you are to gain back.

As proof, the dietitian continues to be an advocate of long-term plans because they involve a profound change of lifestyle. Researchers agree on the fact that eating habits and way of life are key factors in the fight against obesity and improvement of your health.

Before considering the plans, “We need a cultural change,” concluded the President of the NGO International Association of Consumer Food Organizations (IACFO.)

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