Lorcaserin Diet Pill: New Diet Pill Seems Promising

Many consumers are weary about consuming new and unproven diet pills. Lorcaserin is a diet pill that has received an increased amount of media attention over the course of the last few weeks, and the attention has left many wondering if the pill works and whether or not it is safe to take. Every year millions of Americans turn to supplements to help them lose weights. We have seen weight loss pills enter the open market, only to be pulled off of shelves amid safety concerns. Will Lorcaserin be another product that is pulled from shelves, or is it the real deal?

Currently in its experimental phase, the product is showing promise in a number of clinical trials. While the weight loss is note huge, it does show that the pill can help individuals who are willing to change their life style along with consumption of the pill.

The drug company studied over 3,100 obese individuals and found that half of the people who took the drug lost five percent or more of their body weight in the first year. Individuals who took the placebo pills only fared half as well.

The people who kept taking the pill were also able to keep the weight that they lost off. The news is great for the company and investors, but at what cost does the weight loss come? So far the only known side-effects for the pill are headaches and dizziness. It will take quite a bit more testing before we can accurately determine whether or not Lorcaserin is safe for the general population to take, but so far the results seem promising.

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