Kristina Ross:Woman Giving Breast Exams In Idaho Bars, Posed As A Doctor

Kristina Ross:Woman Giving Breast Exams In Idaho Bars, Posed As A Doctor – In a recent story that goes beyond the very definition of strange, a woman in Idaho was arrested for impersonating a doctor so she could conduct breast exams. Perhaps the most shocking and bizarre aspect of the story came after she was arrested and taken back to the station.

Kristina Ross who is 37 years old was arrested after she performed multiple breast exams in both nightclubs and bars on a number of women.

When she was taken to court, a judge set her bond at $100,000. The woman was discovered to be an impostor when a number of women tried to get in touch with a Doctor Berlyn Aussieahshowna who didn’t really exist because it was the name she used for her alter ego.

After an initial evaluation which was conducted on a woman who wanted implants, she tried to contact the doctor who gave her the exam but to no avail. That is when she realized something was up and decided to act.

The victims say that the main reasons they believed her was because of the medical jargon she used when addressing them. Ross even went so far as to make follow up appointments with the women and gave them the number to an actual plastic surgeon’s office.

What was the most shocking discovery in this case is that the woman who was being accused of impersonating a doctor in order to feel women’s breasts actually used to be a man, much to the surprise of police as well as victims of the women.

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