Pete And Alisha Arnold: Website Poll On Whether Woman Should Abort Website Poll On Whether Woman Should Abort – Pete and Alisha Arnold are turning to the internet to help them making a literal decision of life and death concerning their current pregnancy.

Pete and Alisha Arnold have offered users the chance to vote online whether or not they should keep their unborn child. A statement put on the website says that the voting of the people can and will make a difference regarding abortion in this case.

Voting for whether or not to keep the unborn child will go until December 7th which is several days before the Arnolds will legally be able to go through with the abortion.

As of Friday the voting was at around 80 percent for giving birth and 20 percent for having an abortion. Over 82,000 votes have been casted for “Give birth” and nearly 20,000 for getting an abortion. The entire situation has caused a rather large controversy concerning the couple who is leaving the fate of their unborn child in the hands of internet users all over the world.

The page that they have set up for people to vote on includes ultrasound information as well as photos. The parents say that their goal is to give people a real voice in this matter so the majority will be heard.

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