Four Loko Ban In Massachusetts

Four Loko Ban In Massachusetts – The fifth state to ban the caffeinated drink with a significant amount of alcohol in it, Four Loko, is now Massachusetts. They are part of a growing trend of states that demand that the drink is not shipped to liquor stores or anywhere else in the country because of the dangerous nature of the beverage.

They say that the bans are an overall good thing because of the fact that they encourage people to do things like drink,drive and act irresponsibly. Although at first the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission first set out to place restrictions on the sale of this drink throughout the state, they ended up banning it outright.

One of the reasons Four Loko has become so popular is because it is cheap and offers a quick buzz to students who are in need. Many convenience store owners have shown a great deal of concern over these drinks, agreeing that the bans are a good thing and that they shouldn’t be allowed in stores which make them available to students who should not be drinking them.

For Loko has already been banned in a number of states, including Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington. The controversy around this drink has mostly to do with the fact that they are so potent and keep those who drink them going while they are intoxicated.

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