Similac Recall 2010 – Abbott Laboratories

Similac Recall 2010 – Abbott Laboratories – Abbot Laboratories said on Wednesday that it was recalling millions of containers of their popular Similac infant formula that are reportedly contaminated with insect parts.

The company recalled the formula voluntarily. It could affect up to a total of 5 million powder formulas that are sold in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam. The company said that the products could possibly contain a small beetle or larvae, which would cause stomach paints and digestion problems.

The recall will not affect any of the liquid formulas or other products from the company. A spokesperson for the group said that the insects had inhabited one section of their Michigan manufacturing plant, and that the insects had remained undetected in the recall was made.

The company immediately shut the area down and started on an investigation into the matter. The investigation is just coming to its end now, but the company said that it became clear early in the investigation that they were going to have to recall all of the formula that came through that section of their warehouse.

The company has consulted with the Food and Drug Administration regarding what they should do, but were advised that there was likely “no immediate health risk,” and instead the bug parts would more than likely be viewed as quality problems with the product. The company elected to recall the formula anyway.

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