Enfamil Formula Switch After Similac Formula 2010 Recall?

Enfamil Formula Switch After Similac Formula 2010 Recall? – With Similac recalling nearly 5 million of their infant formulas, many parents are worried about the future quality of the product and are looking to switch to another infant formula. One of the more popular choices is Enfamil, a popular infant formula that contains many of the same things that are contained inside Similac. The vitamins and minerals when compared to one another are basically the same, and will have nearly the same effect on your child.

Enfamil does contain more levels of DHA and AHA when compared to Similac. It contains 17 milligrams while Similac only contains around 11 milligrams. Most parents choose Enfamil because it does not pack down like Similac, and therefore takes the guesswork out of whether or not you have stirred the powder correctly before scooping.

However, Similac does have a few upsides to it that Enfamil does not. A recent study suggested that formulas with fat blend including palm olein oil will cause less frequent and firmer stools in infants. Similac claims that their formula has 50% more calcium absorption than Enfamil and the company has also claimed that their new formula does not have as many bubbles and therefore the child will experience less gassy buildup.

Both brands are pretty much the same and have very little differences between one another. If you are worried about the future quality of Similac, then switching brands might be the best option for you.

Similac recall only concerns powder products, liquid ones are safe for now according to the company.

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