Amanda Hurst Breast Feeds Son, 6

Although most people accept that it is normal to breast-feed an infant, it might a little bit odd when the child is six years old.

Amanda Hurst is 29 years old and still breast-feeds her son who is six years old as well as her 5-month-old baby. She said that although she tried to wean Jonathan onto the bottle at around the age of 3, it did not work so she returned to breast-feeding.

Hurst said that she told her 3-year-old son who wanted to feed that he no longer needed to and that he had to start using a cup but to no avail. Hurst says that she did not want to stop breastfeeding the boy and that her husband encouraged her to keep doing it.

Her son didn’t breastfeed from her all the time so she thought it was coming to an end, until she had her second child.

When she had her next child, Jonathan began to demand breast milk all the time and did not appear to be growing out of like he was supposed to.

Apparently her eldest son wanted breast milk just like his younger brother. At the time her son was younger and she did not know how long it would be continuing, but he is currently six years old and she is still breastfeeding him.

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