Baby Babbling and Autism

Sometimes it takes parents years to recognize the signs of autism in their child. Because the child cannot speak, and many of the signs of autism are relayed through speech, it can be hard to identify on actions alone.

However, scientists now believe that autism can be identified by the noises a baby makes, long before the child can even speak.

Recent research has shown that the babbling of infants with the disorders differs from infants who do not have the disorder. Scientists were able to use voice analysis technology to spot the differences.

The test was reportedly 86% accurate in its findings. The test was also able to spot children who have impaired language development.

”This technology could help pediatricians screen children for ASD (autism spectrum disorder) to determine if a referral to a specialist for a full diagnosis is required and get those children into earlier and more effective treatments,” said Professor Steven Warren, an expert in autism disorders.

Autism in itself is not a disorder, but is a label that is used to classify a range of different developmental conditions that are usually characterized by the child’s inability to communicate with others. Most children with some form of autism lack social skills, and display awkward social behavior when in groups.

Scientists sifted through more than 1,500 day-long audio tracks that were recorded using battery operated recorders before plugging them into the analytical voice machine.

The records were attached to the clothing of 232 children who were between 10 months and four years old.

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