Best Way To Look Good: Eating Greens

Recent research done at the University of Nottingham suggests that eating more green vegetables could make you look more attractive. Dr. Ian Stephen who led the research team believes that they have discovered at least one new way to look better than ever: consume more carrots and tomatoes on a regular basis.

Dr. Stephen explained the research results they obtained – saying that eating five more portions of either fruits or vegetables can increase carotenoid levels which gives the skin a sort of golden tone.

Since carotenoids are natural antioxidants they are able to soak up the damaging compounds which everyone encounters during everyday life.

The students who participated in the experiment ate five extra helpings of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis for several months and discovered that as a result their skin color began to change with regards to the golden tone that resulted.

They took pictures of themselves before and after the experiment, determining that they did in fact look better after eating all of the fruits and vegetables because of the change in skin tone.

Dr. Stephen claimed that as far as humans are concerned, eating fruits and vegetables with a red and yellow tone can make people look a lot more attractive.

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