Children With Autism Grow Normally Regardless Of Diet

Children with autism are known to be very picky eaters, but a new study shows that their growth is not impaired because of their pickiness.

The study followed 80 UK children with autism spectrum disorder, and also looked at 13,000 children who do not have autism. The study found that despite their picky eating habits, the caloric intake of children with autism was similar to that of children without autism.

The study also showed that there was no difference in the two groups’ weight and height. The findings are interesting, and suggest that just because children with autism are pickier about what they eat, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are eating less.

“We think that these are reassuring findings, and that in general, parents of children with ASD symptoms need not worry that their children will not grow properly,” Dr. Pauline Emmett said.

She continued by saying that parents who are concerned about their child’s eating habits should always consult their doctor if they are looking for more advice.

The term “autism spectrum disorders” refers to individuals that are born with developmental disorders that hinder their ability to communicate and socialize in a normal setting. Children with ASD may also have a problem building normal relationships.

There are many different conditions that fall under the classification, including Asperger’s. Most children with autism have normal intelligence and verbal skills, but have problems understanding communication including tone and body language.

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