Dana Delany Botox Horror Story

Dana Delany Botox Horror Story – Dana Delany has sworn that she will never have cosmetic surgery again after a botched Botox procedure left eye. It is known that problems in cosmetic surgery have led to botched procedures, but it is little known how severe these cases can be. The 54 year old star said that seven years ago she had never even heard of Botox, but decided to go ahead with it at the urging of her dermatologist. When he went to make the injection, he hit a nerve and created a huge hematoma. The nerve has been dead in her face since that time.

The botched procedure affected a muscle in her right eye, so her eye has started to droop since that time, making her face less symmetrical. She said that after the incident she never went back to the same dermatologist and swore off cosmetic surgery from that time on.

It is not surprising that she decided that cosmetic surgery was not for her following the incident. Being left with a droopy eye would likely scare anyone away from other cosmetic procedures. In the interview, she also mentioned Jamie Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep as inspirations for being strong women that resisted the temptation to have any sort of cosmetic surgery.

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