Diet Cola And Preterm Delivery Linked

A new study has found that pregnant women that drink one or more diet colas or other drinks with artificial sweetener a day are at risk of delivering prematurely.

This isn’t the first time a study has been done that shows a link between pregnancy issues and artificial sweeteners, but there is a question as to whether it is the sweetener itself, or a number of other factors that could be contributing.

The latest study out of Denmark attempted to close the gap those questions generated. According to the results, women who never drank diet cola were 78% less likely to deliver early than those who had four or more a day. Those who drank one to three a day were 38% more likely.

The findings are pretty straight forward, but the industry has been hostile, which is far from unexpected. Some complained that the study gave pregnant women an unnecessary paranoia about the safety of moderate consumption of such beverages.

But doctors have long since warned women to stay away from caffeine, sugars and artificial sweeteners during pregnancy. A healthy diet, lots of water and healthy drinks like juice are preferable, just from the view of average health advice.

Diet (or regular) colas aren’t good for anyone, so the anger and accusations from those in the beverage industry are obviously self-serving. The study can’t be accused of providing anything but another thing to think about, on top of the already obvious issue of easting and drinking healthy things when pregnant.

The study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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