Four Loko Ban – December 13 2010

The energy drink/alcohol mix ‘Four Loko’ has recently been banned by the Food and Drug Administration, with an order issued that all of the cans must be sold in a reasonable amount of time after Monday, December 13. For many retailers, this means trying to sell their leftover stock as quickly as possible.

However, it seems that there could be an underground market for the drink, and this has caused a few people to attempt to make a profit off of the newly banned substance.

One man in Queens, Mike S., recently went out and purchased a deli store’s entire remaining product. “When I heard they were banning it, I went to a deli and just bought it all out—all off the shelves, cases in the back, I took everything,” he said.

He’s made quite a profit from it as well, selling each case for $60, or $75 if customers want it delivered to their door. After purchasing each case for only $20, he says that he’s earned about $600 so far.

If a store is found to be selling the product in the future, they could face a severe fine and a loss of their liquor license.

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